Testing & Diagnostics


Specimens are process on regular business days.

Routine Coggins Testing (Equine Infectious Anemia)

PrairieView is a state-approved laboratory for Coggins testing. To submit a Coggins test, please use the appropriate government form. Upon completion of the test, a doctor's and client copy will be mailed to the submitting veterinarian. Many busy veterinarians find it convenient to submit forms online through GlobalVetLink. We encourage online submittal and will NOT add an additional fee for this service. For more information, call or visit

Non-Routine Coggins Testing (Equine Infectious Anemia)

Coggins testing (ELISA or AGID) performed after normal operating hours or on non-business days is subject to the availability of personnel and billed at a higher rate. The requesting veterinarian is responsible for transportation of the specimen to our facility. Call Iowa Lutheran Hospital laboratory at 515-263-5122 to request after-hours testing.

Referral Testing

Tests not listed in our catalog may be available through referral and will usually require additional time to process.


Laboratory results are phoned or faxed - based on your preference - the day they are completed. If you would like to have test results automatically faxed, please let us know so we can set up an AutoFax report.


Click here for the PriarieView Vet Lab requisition form.